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Quranic Pictures of the Universe

Quranic Pictures of the Universe

Qur'anic Pictures of the Universe
Osman Bakar
Islamic Book Trust and UBD Press

by Siddiq Husainy Hasbullah

This book is a part of a bigger project from Prof Osman Bakar on the said topic. This book takes five Quranic views of the Universe from the bigger project, namely:

  1. Astronomical
  2. As a World of Lights and Darkness
  3. Architectural
  4. Divine Creation
  5. Human microcosm (small Universe)

Quoting from the author:

“.. this book may be viewed as a work on scientific exegesis (tafsir ‘ilmi) of the Qur’an.”

Hence, there is no surprise that the bulk of the discussions pertains to the nitty gritty of the Arabic language and its wide range of meanings. The first four views of the Qur’an is okay, I believe. Am not really that enthusiastic despite some interesting views here and there. I feel it is due to my lack of prior readings about the universe as a fact that i fail to appreciate deeply enough because the first four views are really based on the physical appearance of the universe.
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